Holiday Snaps || Spain

Holiday Snaps || Spain

So… this post is about my trip to Spain. And I’m just gonna pretend you don’t know this trip was in October. Oh wait did I just tell you? Jeeez, anyway, now you know this post is, yes, four months late. But anyway, it was a great trip and I, of course, took my camera; and thought I would share…

We go to Spain most years, and of course we go to the beach, eat ice cream… and all the other traditional holiday stuff, if you get what I mean. We’re also going this summer, but this time we’re going for 2 weeks; so we’ll have more time for sight-seeing.

If you know me at all, you’ll know I love travelling. And my favourite thing is travelling (preferably on a plane) early in the morning. I love waking up early, and getting that “holiday” feeling.

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